11 Best Cat Toys

11 Best Toy’s for Cats Home Alone

Do you need to know more about the 11 best toys for cats home alone? Leaving our pets at home for our long work days tend to be a big stressor in most families. Knowing they are there for hours without us and maybe getting into mischief can definitely put a damper on our day. There are several things that can keep them busy while you’re away including toys.

Picking out toys for your furry friends can be as hard as finding a toy for your baby. It often takes time and a lot of choices. But we are here to help you make the decision easier. We can help you determine which toys will be best for your cats.

We have the Best toys for indoor cats listed below. You will be able to see why they are the top cat toys for indoor cats and if they are a fit for your furry friend.

360 Automatic Laser Pointer

If you are looking for a toy that will entertain for hours a simple toy like the 360 Automatic Laser pointer is an ideal idea for your cat. This toy can provide them with ours of entertainment. Not only will it keep them occupied but it will keep them guessing. The 360 Automatic Laser pointer is small so it won’t take up much space in the house, it is durable for those over ambitious pets and it varies in laser patterns.

The 360 Automatic Laser Pointer rotates in a 360 motion with additional patterns to make it interesting for your pet. There are various patterns provided to keep their attention which can be difficult to do at times. The toy can be set on a timer to turn off after your designated time.


The 360 Automatic Laser Pointer for your cat can be a great addition to your pets area. It can give your cat hours of fun and a way to stay out of mischief while you are away. This toy will give you and your family peace of mind throughout the work week or a simple day out that is why this is one of the best cat toys 2018.

Three Level Play Station

If you are looking for simple toys for your cat while their home alone the three levels play station is a nice addition to any pet play area. This toy requires no battery maintenance but keeps them coming back. Each level has toy balls that roll when your pet hits them. They spin throughout the levels and come back each time. This is great for pets that are all hands or paws in this case.

There are a couple of colors to choose from and they are durable in case your cat is extra ambitious. Extra frisky cats can tear up toys easier if they are playing with them daily. This toy will last and give your cat a lot of much needed play time great for pets that have to spend time alone.

Pros of the Three Level Play Station

  • No batteries needed
  • Two colors to choose from
  • Easy to choose from
  • Durable


Interactive Teaser Toy

If you are looking for something simple and durable you may also like to try the Interactive teaser toy for your cat. This toy is durable and easy to assemble which can be a great thing if you don’t particularly enjoy putting things together. It also has batteries and can last for hours while you are away. The interactive teaser toy has a feather that swings in different directions which will keep your pets attention for hours. In addition there is a ball with a bell to keep them entertained at the base of the stand.

The Interactive teaser toy is great for those who have to spend hours away and are worried about their four legged friends at home. It’s durable and by simply pushing a button they will not be alone for hours. This interactive toy can be enjoyed by both you and your pet. When you are home you can join in the fun by simply removing the feather from the base and play with your cat too.

All in all this toy can be added to your cats play area and give them hours of entertainment. They can move, jump, and swat at it all day giving them lots to do while you’re gone.


Plush Fish Toy

The Plush Fish Toy is an amazing and incredibly simple toy your pet is going to love. It is made of catnip and plush cotton. It comes in different sizes and colors so you can find the right one for your furry friend. It will provide them with hours of fun when they are home alone.

Cats can become anxious or depressed when home alone for too long. The plush fish toy can also provide your cat with remedies to this. The catnip gives them many health benefits as well as entertainment. Providing your cat with a daily dose of catnip can reduce stress and depression. There are many noticeable signs of anxiety and depression in your furry friend. As we get depressed and anxious when others are away often times our pets do to.  

Tip: Signs of anxiety are hiding, vocal changes, changes in appetite, and them being more aggressive.

Natural Catnip Balls

Catnip can provide physical as well as mental benefits to your pet. Does your cat shed frequently? How about constantly grooming their selves? These natural catnip balls can help with these signs and also provide hours of play. They are small in fact around 3cm X 3cm each so they don’t take up much space. They also give your pet hours of fun running, pouncing and chasing them around. They are made of 100% catnip and can provide stress reducing benefits. This will make it ideal for your peace of mind and your pets.

The Natural Catnip Balls are a great addition for cats home alone for long periods of time. So if they enjoy hours of chasing, swatting, and intense fun this toy maybe ideal for your pet. This is great for cats who have been exhibiting some signs of stress as well.

Benefits of Catnip

  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Improves depression
  • Reduces excess shedding

Tip: Signs of Depression in cats are over/under eating, avoiding attention, changes in behavior, not using the litter box, and frequent hiding.

Fun Tunnel

The Fun Tunnel is a great toy with many uses. It is an amazing item for those cats who love to sneak around, hide, and lounge. If you want your pet to have hours of fun and entertainment while you are gone this is a great option. The fun tunnel is much like a hiding place and a play place all in one. With proper location (such as on the side of the couch, or in their favorite spot) this toy can provide them with hours of hiding and playing fun. Its long tubular shape and hanging toys can give them cover and something to do.

The fun tunnel toy is easy to put out and just as easy to store for later use. Your pet will love climbing in and out of it. There are a few toys that hang inside giving your pet something to swat and roll around with. If you work many hours this is a great option for cats home alone.

Bell Treat Ball

The Bell Treat Ball is one of the best interactive cat toys it is a toy that also provides your pet with a snack while playing. They will love this small yet durable ball that rolls around with them. In addition this ball has a bell inside of its top providing a little attention getting along the way. As we know our pets often times have short attention spans and can get distracted easy. This bell will help them stay focused and ready to play.

This toy is around 8 to 9 cm which while not too big but not to small gives them a great snack while you’re away. This Bell treat ball rolls and rings encouraging your pet to swat and play for hours. This is why it is one of the best cat toys 2018.

Mouse Dummy

Do you have a frisky cat? Are they always on the move? This mouse dummy can give your cats hours of fun while they are home alone. The suction on the bottom provides a firm base by firmly planting it on the tile or wood floor.  The spring attached allows the mouse on top to bounce back with every swing. The mouse dummy also has a bell attached to keep your cat’s attention every time they swing at the mouse.

There are nine different colors to choose from including transparent and are randomized. They are bright sure to capture your cat’s attention for hours while your way. This is why they will be an awesome addition to your pet’s toy collection, and it’s one of the best interactive cat toys for 2018.






Catnip Stuffed Animal

These cuddly creatures will definitely make your pet’s day. If you are gone for hours at a time you should give your pet something to hold on too.  Instead of snuggling with their owner they will snuggle with their animal. This will give your cat hours of play time and love while you’re gone. Many cats search for the love and attention of their owner while they are away. Without it they can become depressed, anxious, and even stressed out.

This not only provides them with something to hold but it has catnip which will help reduce their stress and anxiety helping them get through the day without you. They come in 5 different colors bright and sure to capture their attention. Made of plush cotton, small and easy to handle these are definitely on the best cat toys for 2018.

Robo Fish Toy

The Robo Fish toy is for those pets that enjoy playing with water. The fish automatically turns on when emerged giving them hours of entertainment. For those who are gone working long hours this toy can provide your pet with something to occupy their time. The Robo Fish toy comes in 5 colors including, yellow, pink, blue, green, and red. It is also different shapes and designs. The Robo Fish Toy looks like different fish, giving them a real experience when playing, they swim when in the water making them more lifelike for your pet.

We all know your cats are attracted to fish and this will give them a challenge for hours while you’re away. This will be a great addition to your pet’s collection which is why it is one of the best cat toys for 2018.

Carrot Scratch Tree

If you have a frisky cat that gets bored easily this is a great option. The Carrot Scratch Tree is good for cats home alone. With its sisal material which is safe for cats this toy can provide hours of scratching fun. Cats groom themselves frequently so this Carrot Scratch Tree gives them the opportunity to groom their nails and teeth whenever they want to. It will keep them busy for hours while you are away.

The Carrot Scratch Tree has carrots hanging from the branches allowing the cat to swat and swing for hours. Less than 10 cm in height it can fit in any area of the home. Tucked in the corner or out in the open they will find it every time. It can be hours of fun for a cat that at home alone.



 Tips for Finding the Perfect Toy for Your Cat

When it comes to finding a toy for your pet there are many things to consider. You may have to go over several different toys before finding toys they enjoy playing with. Listed you will find 7 things to consider when looking for the perfect toy for your feline friend.


If you are gone for hours every day ensuring that the toys you leave them with are safe is a big issue. Different toys are made from different material and researching the material they are made of will help your peace of mind and save your pet from any danger while you are away. 

Checking the material for toxins and other harmful elements can prevent diseases like cancer etc. Materials such as Formaldehyde can be concealed. Did you know that formaldehyde is found in several common everyday household items including particle boards, new fabrics, new clothes, and even new furniture?

So surveying the toys you buy for your cat should be high on your list when thinking about new purchases. The toys listed here are all safe and have already been examined. These toys make great options for your feline when it comes to safety of toys.


Making sure that the toys will last is another concern you should have when looking for toys for cats home alone. After all they will be playing with them for hours on end you don’t want them to break easily. Running, pouncing, and swatting are frequent concerns when it comes to the toys lasting.

Knowing your cat’s behaviors can help with this as well. If your cat is really frisky you might need something stronger than a cat that enjoys lying about. Examining your cat’s behaviors will also help you figure out if they need a stronger longer lasting toy. The toys listed here are great when it comes to durability and can ensure that they can handle your favorite pet’s needs.


When it comes to cat toys you may want to consider how your cat moves to make the toys more enjoyable for them. Some cats like to pounce which using a toy laser pointer or catnip balls may be more fun for them. If you cat enjoys laying down finding a fun tunnel may be something to consider.

 If your cat loves to cuddle than catnip stuffed animal maybe a better option for them. Knowing your furry feline is the best option to find the perfect toy. Your cat’s preferences daily can help you find the best toy for cats home alone.




Considering the purpose for finding another toy for your pet is important as well. If you are looking for a toy that they can play with while you are there you may want to find something you can interact with.

However if you are looking for a toy that they can play with while you are gone to work than in interactive toy better for cats home alone should be considered. Toys like a mouse dummy or a carrot scratch tree maybe up their alley.


There are several toys that provide sounds for your pet while they are playing. Determining if this is something your cat would love is up to you. If your cat has a short attention span toys with bells will keep their attention focused on the toy during play.

This is great when you are not home giving them hours of entertainment. Other toys with things like lights such as lasers also help keep a furry friend with a short attention span occupied. That is another reason the toys listed are ideal for cats home alone.

Size & Texture:

The size of the toy may make a difference in how your cat interacts with it which maybe something to consider when determining which toy to get for your pet. When examining the toy if it’s too big it may be harder for your cat to enjoy.

If your cat enjoys cuddling you may want to find something they can easily hold, if they like to be frisky something they can swat and bite maybe what you need. The texture of the toy maybe more appealing to them as well meaning your pet my enjoy feather toys instead of an abrasive ball. If your cat playing in your clothes pile than finding them a cuddly toy maybe what they need.

Toy Type:

Another thing to think of is toy type. If you have had your pet for awhile you may already have an idea about what type of toy your cat likes. If you are new to owning a cat you may consider choosing a few different types of toys because some cats are finicky when it comes to play time.

There are interactive toys such as the 360 automatic laser pointer, or the bell treat ball, even the three level play station which will help any frisky or playful cat. If your cat loves to lounge the fun tunnel or the catnip stuffed animal maybe a better choice. Finding the right toy type can do wonders when you are away for long periods throughout the day.

In Conclusion:

The experience of purchasing toys for your cat is an important one. If you take into consideration the size, texture, durability, safety, your pets movements, and even the purpose for the new toy you can find the perfect toy for your pet.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life we often  just grab a toy and hope it works however if you have to spend hours away from them learning what your pet likes, and what toys will best benefit your pet will help them enjoy themselves for hours on end.

A few extra minutes of searching can give you a much better option. Whether lounging, pouncing, chasing, playing, swatting, or even cuddling is your furry friends choice of play you can find all you’re looking for right here on the list.

The top 11 toys listed here can give your pet much more than expected. There are several benefits to the toys listed including hours of interactive fun, benefits of catnip and reducing stress, as well as cuddle time for your furry friend. This is why these toys are the best interactive cat toys for 2018.